Emergency FAQ

Public Storm Shelter 

The city does not operate a public storm shelter. While public storm shelters can be beneficial, they may become impractical during a severe weather event. Travel to a shelter could potentially put individuals in harms way. Panicked motorists and or pedestrians trying to get to a shelter could be more of a hazard than the weather event itself. Exposure to the elements presents it's own set of dangers to individuals. Also, the city does not have the personnel or facilities available to operate a shelter. We frequently receive inquiries asking what to do when severe weather is forecast for our area. It is advisable to have a plan for your home and or business in advance of a weather event. Below are links to information to consider when formulating your plan.


How will the City Help Me

Each one of us has the responsibility to plan and prepare for disasters that could affect our lives. It is when our individual resources and abilities become overwhelmed that we may have to seek assistance from other sources. The City of Wolfforth provides Fire, Police, EMS and City Maintenance personnel and equipment to respond to and recover from disasters. The city is no different than individuals in that when our resources are exhausted, we seek assistance from our partners. The City of Wolfforth will make every effort to provide sufficient services to accommodate the residents and visitors to the city. We will prepare for, respond to and recover from disaster using whatever means necessary. If you are in need of assistance after an emergency, first dial 911. If unsuccessful, attempt to call local emergency phone numbers and or attempt to make contact with family or friends using landlines and/or cellphones. If voice lines of communication are down or the network is congested (as is common after an emergency), use a cellphone to text messages. Things to consider are that first responders will be responding to your location after an emergency, the response may not be as quick as during normal daily routine, many may be displaced and in need of assistance, the recovery process may be lengthy depending of the severity of the incident, recovery resources may not be immediately available. As always, you, the individual should plan ahead and prepare for surviving a disaster. Make every effort to utilize resources that can give you and your family the edge to surviving a disaster.